Rosanna Eubank LLC

Rosanna Eubank LLC is an art advisory and estate consulting firm located in New London, New Hampshire. We work with clients across New England.

The name Eubank is a trusted name in art business, having handled the administration of personal property from many important collections and estates for over 20 years.

We handle the responsibility of overseeing the sale and distribution of personal property. We research market values and negotiate terms for maximum sale results. Our expertise and commitment to client service helps collectors, trustees, executors, legal advisors, and family members achieve their goals.

About Us

Rosanna Eubank Long is a principal in the art advisory firm of Rosanna Eubank LLC. She graduated cum laude with departmental honors with a degree in Art History at Barnard College, Columbia University in New York City. Her graduate degree is in the History of Decorative Arts and Culture, with a concentration in American Decorative Arts from the Bard Graduate Center. Rosanna participated in 18th century architecture and decorative arts course at Oxford University.

Rosanna has experience working with a private estate advisory firm as well as at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York where she was a research assistant in the American Decorative Arts department. Additionally she worked at Christie’s Auction House in the Regional Sales Department in Los Angeles and the American Decorative Arts Department New York. She is USPAP compliant with the American Society of Appraisers. • (603) 828-1001 • PO Box 1544 New London, NH 03257